First off, let us congratulate those who are graduating this spring and give thanks for their hard work and to all who nurtured them through this milestone.  May the preparation for the future serve them and the community as well as God invites all into a 'new' time of life -- a new history abourt to be written.  To the graduates, don't forget to bring your cherished memories along with you; they will bring you a smile when life may not.  And in those times and also in times when the sun shines too, keep in touch with family, friends and community -- teachers and friends at school, church and more.  All can provide a solid foundation upon which you can dare to jump into the unknown future with a glimpse of wisdom and with hearts filled with life and joy.

Secondly, it's summer!  A change of season that often offers a bit of change to life as well, even if it's the wardrobe and a chance to shed the coats for awhile.  Nevertheless, celebrate it!  It is a gift of God with colors and smells and tastes absent for much of the year.  Don't let it escape your thanksgiving and add to it your abundant living of its special opportunities and joys.

Third, for many, this season will open an opportunity to travel.  Travels offers a chance to meet sisters and brothers from other parts of God's creation.  I also hope you may be able to worship in the way of Jesus with therm too.  I further invite you to take notes and ask questions about the challenges and successes in their community, you may find something to bring back to St. Mark's for consideration -- who knows but the Lord!  So stay alert and ready for unimagined blessings!

Finally, no matter where you are this summer, take a smile and a thankful heart with you always.  Everyone you see, everyone you meet, everyone who serves you is a gift from the love of God to you!  Be glad, live life and live it abundantly!  Be stubborn about sharing your thankfulness with everyone.  It's surprising how a simple 'thank you' can make  a person's day and bring a spark of God's love into the everyday.  This will bless others and their joy can be contagious and bless you and many more as well.  Miss no opportunity to bring joy to others this summer!  Live this season with God's Peace and Jesus' Love and the Spirit's Joy always with you.

Bruce Dalious, Interim Pastor