LENT 2017

I recently picked up a book by Jurgen Moltmann, titled In The End - The Beginning, The life of Hope.  The common thread of his book parallels that of our Lenten theme Amazing Grace.


Both reflect on the miracles of God's determination, patience and promise.  All called into being in order that we may have life and have it abundantly, even when our choices would corrupt life or even cut it short.  In many ways, this is what Jesus' life, teachings, death and resurrection accomplish to this very day.  Let me share an excerpt from Professor Moltmann's Introduction to his book:


'In my ending is my beginning': so T.S. Eliot concluded his poem East Coker, and that conclusion gave me the title of this book.  I have chosen it as a way of expressing the power of the Christian hope, for failures and defeats.  It is the power of life's rebirth out of the shadows of death.  It is the power for the new beginning at the point where guilt has made life impossible.  The Christian hope is all these things because it is the spirit from the Spirit of the resurrection of the betrayed, maltreated and forsake Christ. Through his divine raising from the dead, Christ's hope-less end became his true beginning.  If we remember that, we shall not give ourselves up, but shall expect that in every end a new beginning lies hidden.  Yet we shall only become capable of new beginnings if we are prepared to let go of things that torment us, and the things we lack.  If we search for the new beginning, it will find us.


Through the Lenten journey, we will experience those who were gifted with new beginnings. Through their experiences, we may find courage and the assurances we need to go and do likewise.

May this be your invitation to come and walk together with the saints, with Christ and with God towards the new Garden of Eden - a new beginning of forever.

Bruce E. Dalious, Interim Pastor